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We offer Free Estimates on your remodeling or construction project.
We can give a ball-park cost figure on most small plumbing repairs over the phone.
For on-site estimates outside the Lafayette Parish area, due to the high cost of fuel, we must charge a fee of $ 30.00 for on-site estimates, which will be credited to the job if you decide to use our services.
Estimates do not include diagnosis of a problem, nor troubleshooting, these are considered by our industry as service.
Use the form below to request an estimate. Someone from our office will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible. There is no obligation.
Remember, the more information we have about the job, the better an estimate we can calculate, so include details.

Contact information:
Your name:
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Phone number:
Job address:
Best way to contact you:
By email
By phone
If by phone, when is the best time to contact you?
Describe the job:
I am interested in:
Toilet repair or replacement
Sink or lavatory repair, or replacement
Faucet repair and replacement
Disposal repair and replacement
Water heater repair and replacement
Drain/sewer cleaning
Commercial services
"Steam-Jetter" services
Describe anything else about the job you think is important (be specific):
Plumbing remodel or project
How soon would you like this project to start?

Our Hourly Rates are very reasonable considering the services we provide and how quickly we strive to solve your problem and finish your job.
There are several things to be considered:
1. Our Time starts when we arrive at your site and ends when we finish the repairs. No Travel time charged, if we do not have the right part on the truck, and we have to leave and come back, we clock off the job and then back in when we return. We do not charge time to go get it.  
2.  Our investment in tools and equipment to make the job faster and take less time saves our customers $$$$$$.
3.  I have been doing plumbing for 30 years and don't need to learn how to do it on your time.

We do not charge travel time for jobs located within 30 miles of our shop at 127 S Buchanan Street in Lafayette, La. 70501
For small jobs outside that area, we charge  $1.50 per mile after the initial 30 allowed one way only.

Our total job cost is usually much lower than our competitors...........Because:
  1. We don't have to learn how to do it, we are experienced and educated in our feild of work.
  2. We have made investments in the proper equipment and tools for the job.
  3. We use only Quality materials.
  4. We stock many materials so we are not at the mercy of cost fluxuations.
  5. We work for a lot of different people, and do not need to "make it" on just one job.

Business Office: 513 McCarthy Lane Opelousas, La. 70570
Lafayette Equipment Dispatch: 127 S Buchanan Lafayette, La 70501

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